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Station Information

Station XML Web Services

The station web service returns seismic station metadata in XML format which conforms to the CISN StationXML schema. The metadata returned can be a three different levels of detail.
  • level= sta|chan|resp :Specify the level of detail to return (sta|station level is default)
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Other options

The following options are available:

Please, find below the full list of filter parameters:
Query: /ws/station/query?[query-parameters]
where query-parameters:
Empty/No parameters will return all stations - level defaults to sta
net="network" Specify SEED network code, example net=IU
sta="station" Specify SEED station code, example sta=ANMO
chan="channel" Specify SEED channel code mask, example: chan=BH1
loc="location" Specify SEED location code mask, example: loc=00. substitute dash characters for white space, example: loc=--
minlat="degrees" Specify minimum latitude, northern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90]
maxlat="degrees" Specify maximum latitude, southern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90]
minlon="degrees" Specify minimum longitude, western boundary [-180 <= X <= 180]
maxlon="degrees" Specify maximum longitude, eastern boundary [-180 <= X <= 180]
[lat,lon,maxradius [minradius]]="degrees" Optional, geographic circular bounding area. All lat, lon, maxradius parameters must be given together. minradius parameter is optional and defaults to zero. Cannot be combined with minlat, maxlat, minlon, maxlon.
startbefore=YYYY-MM-DD Specify stations starting before this date
startafter=YYYY-MM-DD Specify stations starting after this date
endbefore=YYYY-MM-DD Specify stations ending before this date
endafter=YYYY-MM-DD Specify stations ending after this date
timewindow=YYYY-MM-DD,YYYY-MM-DD Specify a time range that stations/channels must be operating within
updatedafter=YYYY-MM-DD Query stations updated after a specific date
level=sta/chan/resp Specify whether to include channel/response metadata or not

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Details Level
URL: /ws/station/query?level=sta
Version: Station Service:1.0



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