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FDSN StationXML is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) schema designed for sharing station metadata. StationXML was originally designed at the SCEDC. After collaboration with with NCEDC, IRIS, and other members of the FDSN, a new xml schema, called FDSN StationXML was developed with StationXML as its basis.


Since the initial release in 2007, the schema has undergone a number of major revisions. Updates include:


  • Introducing the StaXml namespace for all elements.
  • Standardizing capitalization of element names.
  • Changing some anonymopus complex types to named complex types.


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Most recent schema revision
Past revisions


Sample Files

List of CI stations
CI.BAR channels
CI.BAR.BH* responses


Generate XML

IRIS Station RESTful Webservice

SCEDC Station RESTful Webservice