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Fault Name Index

Panamint Valley Fault Zone

Type of Faulting: normal; right-normal
Length: 95 km (length of the zone)
Nearby Communities: Wildrose, Ballarat, Panamint Springs
Most Recent Rupture: Holocene
Slip Rate: 0.1 mm/yr to 2.0 mm/yr; highest rate is at the southern end of the zone
Interval Between Major Ruptures: uncertain
Probable Magnitudes: MW6.5 - 7.5
Other Notes: The surface trace of this fault zone is complex. The faults typically dip to the west.




Ash Hill Fault

Type of Faulting: right-lateral to normal
Length: 37 km
Nearby Communities: Panamint Springs
Most Recent Rupture: Holocene
Probable Magnitudes: MW6.0 - 7.0



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