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Fault Name Index

Manix Fault

Type of Fault: left-lateral strike-slip
Length: about 35 km; though the fault is broken roughly into thirds, each characterized by differing "freshness" of last rupture
Nearest Communities: Manix, Midway
Most Recent Surface Rupture: April 10, 1947, MW6.5 and Holocene along center third, Late Quaternary along eastern third, and Quaternary along western third
Slip Rate:
less than 0.1 mm/yr (?)
Interval Between Major Ruptures:
MW6.0 - 7.0; possibly no greater than MW6.6 if fault only ruptures one third at a time

Other Notes: This is a north-dipping fault, with some left-reverse slip observed along its western third. The surface rupture in 1947 was small, but notable, and marked the first historic example of surface rupture along a fault in the Mojave Block.



This fault is featured on the following map:
Mojave Fault Map