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Fault Name Index

Hunter Mountain Fault and Saline Valley area

Type of Fault: right-lateral strike-slip with some normal slip
Length: about 40 km
Nearest Communities: Dolomite, Teakettle Junction
Most Recent Surface Rupture: Holocene
Slip Rate: between 2 and 3 mm/yr, averaged over the last 3 million years
Interval Between Major Ruptures: unknown
Probable Magnitudes: MW6.2 - 7.2
Other Notes: The Saline Valley faults may rupture simultaneously with the Hunter Mountain fault. This fault may also be linked to a hypothetical very-low-angle normal fault under northern Panamint Valley.




Saline Valley Faults

Type of Fault: normal, with some right-lateral slip
Length: about 20 scattered faults, most less than 5 km in length
Nearest Community: Teakettle Junction
Most Recent Surface Rupture: Holocene
Other Notes: These faults probably form a complex system of interaction with the Hunter Mountain fault zone.



This fault is featured on the following map:
Basin and Range Fault Map