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Fault Name Index

Cleghorn Fault

Type of Fault: left-lateral
Length: about 30 km
Nearby Communities: Cajon Junction, Crestline
Slip Rate: 3 mm/yr
Interval Between Major Ruptures: 400 years (?)
Most Recent Surface Rupture: Late Quaternary
Other Notes: The Cleghorn fault dips steeply to the north.


There is some dispute over the exact nature of the activity on the Cleghorn fault. The reported slip rate of 3 mm/yr does not seem to be expressed in the local landscape, and reported Holocene displacement and rupture surfaces have been dismissed by some as caused by landslides, not faulting.


The surface trace of the Cleghorn fault crosses Silverwood Lake, and consequently, the northeast-trending splay from near the center of this fault is also known as the Silverwood Lake fault.



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