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Fault Name Index

Blackwater Fault

Type of Faulting: right-lateral strike-slip
Length: 60 km
Nearby Communities: Barstow, Johannesburg
Most Recent Surface Rupture: Holocene
Slip Rate: about 2 mm/yr
Interval Between Major Ruptures: uncertain
Probable Magnitudes: MW6.5 - 7.1
Other Notes: The Blackwater fault might be considered, in some ways, a northern extension of the Calico-Hidalgo fault system. Thus, rupture that begins along the Calico fault could propagate northward to the Blackwater fault, producing a larger earthquake than the Blackwater fault could manage alone. However, in 1992, a set of quakes considered to be aftershocks of the Landers earthquake occurred near the southern end of the Blackwater fault, but in a place where no surface trace has been mapped, suggesting not only that the Blackwater fault may be influenced by rupture on the Camp Rock fault, but that incipient faulting be may taking place here, breaking a new path for slip transfer across the Mojave Block.



This fault is featured on the following map:
Mojave Fault Map