We thank the Captain, crew, and Ewing-based science party, in particular Bruce Francis, Science Officer, Stefanus Budhypramono, System operator, Chuck Donaldson, ET, and Johnny DiBernardo, Chief Air Gunner, for their excellent and hard work as well as their hospitality during our leg. Mike Rawson of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) patiently answered many questions about the Ewing prior to the cruise. The US Coast Guard issued a Notice to Mariners and helped inform vessels of our activities. The US Navy granted permission to enter waters in their jurisdiction on the western end of Line 3. The Los Angeles Fisherman's Association notified their members of our activities. Peter Buhl of LDEO was a valuable resource aboard the Ewing during the cruise. Jim Vaughan, USGS, provided the military sonobuoys. Greg Miller, Uri ten Brink, and Doug Foster of the USGS and the Captain of the R/V Yellowfin kept us up-to-date on the status of the OBS deployments. Gary Fuis, USGS, Tom Henyey, USC, and David Okaya, USC, helped to plan and direct our operations at sea. Jon Childs arranged for the ProMAX system used to transcribe the 3480 cartridges. We thank the IRIS/PASSCAL facility (at Stanford) for providing the Reftek instruments used in this experiment. Joe Jackson videotaped our work on the Ewing. Pat Jorgensen and Jim Mori, both of the USGS, arranged a press conference the day before the cruise. John Pittman of Vessel Assist Cabrillo of San Pedro provided a chase boat for Line 2. Beth Ambos, CSLB, and family provided lodgings to T.M. Brocher prior to the cruise. Jon Childs, USGS, wrote Appendix 2. Stefanus Budhypramono, LDEO, wrote Appendix 4. Gary Fuis, USGS, drafted Figures 1a and 1b, modified here. Bruce Francis, LDEO, drafted Figures 2 and 3, modified here. Pat Hart provided useful comments on an earlier draft of this report and generated Figure 5.

This work was supported by the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, the National Science Foundation, and the Southern California Earthquake Center.

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