We wish to thank the dozens of scientists without whose help this experiment would have been nearly impossible. Our thanks go to Marcos Alvarez, Joyjeet Bhowmik, Armando Burciaga, Bob Busby, Cheryl Contopoulos, Ed Criley, H. Ekstrom, Jim Fowler, Doug Given, Katrin Hafner, Thomas Henyey, Craig Jones, Brian Laird, Aaron Martin, Steve Michnik, Janice Murphy, Julie Norris, Guang-yu Pei, Robert Phinney, Michelle Robertson, Craig Scrivner, and John Van Schaak. Many of these scientists, students, and volunteers spent their time in the field deploying and monitoring the array instruments, providing us with instruments and equipment, and providing follow-up maintenance. We thank Tim Ahern, Rick Braman, and the staff of the IRIS DMC for assistance and use of the DMC facilities. This work was supported by the Southern California Earthquake Center and the National Science Foundation.

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