Southern California Earthquake Data Center

 Web STP (FDSN Bulk Dataselect Web Service)

The bulkdataselect webservice gives access to waveform data for multiple networks, stations, channels, 
locations, time ranges and events as well as phase information for events. Only the HTTP POST method is supported. ** Notice - August 22, 2014 ** On July 7, 2014, a bug was introduced into STP that caused continuous data to become leap-second noncompliant. The bugfix has been deployed on this STP server on August 22, 2014. It is recommended that you re-download continuous data downloaded between July 7, 2014, and August 22, 2014. To see a full list of service parameters and their usage, click

Empty lines and lines beginning with the # character are ignored.
Swap byte order
Correct for station gain
Use true start time in headers

Continuous Triggered STP Phase

Please use the citation: 
SCEDC (2013): Southern California Earthquake Data Center. Caltech. Dataset. doi:10.7909/C3WD3xH1
to cite data downloaded from the SCEDC.
Version: SCEDC Bulkdataselect Service:1.0
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences | California Institute of Technology